Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Zimbabwe - MDC Blood Is On The International Communities Hands

The Daily Mail summed it up best in their 'Mac' cartoon of Tuesday 24th June 2008.

While Mugabe murders innocent Zimbabweans for simply daring to vote against his regime, a regime that has turned the "breadbasket of Africa" into a "basket case", the international community are proving to be impotent in terms of their ability to protect those who need us most on the ground.

If the Presidential run-off actually happens on Friday the election will be a sham and the people of Zimbabwe will know it. They will also know that African nations, the Commonwealth nations, the European Union and the United Nations all talked a good game but let them down when they needed help most.

Most culpable of them all will be the South African premier, President Thabu Mbeki. All he need do is to withdraw support for Mugabe and offer him asylum in neighbouring South Africa, (no matter how much we would all like to see Mugabe brought to justice), and overnight Zimbabwe could become the progressive democracy, as well as the successful tiger economy, they once were and could be again!

The international community have let the people of Zimbabwe down for so long I suspect none of them expect very much from us now. I only hope that once day soon we can repay them in some little way by helping them to become the breadbasket of Africa once again!

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