Saturday, 28 June 2008

The UK - Most Costly Place To Live In Western World

Reports today that the UK has the highest cost of living in the Western world come as no surprise to those of us working hard to make ends meet.

The firm of international economists who prepared this report concluded that the average "Middle Britain" family now spends £38,800 a year on its home, food and other essentials. This represents an increase of more than £2,000 a year on a report prepared by the same experts just 4 months ago.

And the reasons for this? Simply the failure of our government to manage our economy in a prudent manner. The cost of food has risen by 19.8% on last year, household fuel bills are up by around 15% on a year ago, mortgage repayment costs have escalated significantly, housing rent costs have followed suit and the cost of petrol and diesel for our cars has gone through the roof. All directly related to government policy!

And of course the government tax us more and more each year without a care as to how hard it is to make ends meet in the average household. No wonder ordinary people believe the government if out of touch!

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