Thursday, 5 June 2008

"Brown -v- Cameron" - PMQ's Prove It's Time For A Change!


The weekly political theatre that is Prime Minister's Questions is becoming ever more farcical. It appears to me that Prime Minister Gordon Brown stands at the dispatch box every week and simply refuses to answer any question put to him by David Cameron, more often than not seeking to ask David questions instead.

For me the contrast between the two candidates who will contest the next General Election in the hope of being returned as Prime Minister could not be more clear. There is the dispatch box thumping Gordon Brown who bangs away so loudly that the microphones of the chamber distort much of what the public are able to hear and then there is the crisp concise David Cameron who asks the Prime Minister topical and important questions the British public would really like to hear answer to.

After 11 years of Labour government, perhaps it is as simple as Mr Brown being tired and out of ideas. Perhaps it is more likely that he is simply not as good a leader as the man sitting opposite him, the man tasked by the Westminster Parliament with asking the Prime Minister "Questions" every week!

Whatever happens in the run up to the next General Election, the public deserve "answers" from their Prime Minister. After all that is why we have Prime Minister's Questions. Unfortunately, I think it is odds against us ever really hearing anything like a full and frank exchange in the near future, or at least until it is David Cameron who resides at No. 10 and who is the recipient of PMQ's.

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