Saturday, 7 June 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Jamie

When you spend your morning at a Conservative Party meeting, and follow this up with a street canvass, the last thing you think you want to attend is a friends child's first birthday party.

Anyway, enough about logic! The think about children is that they have an infectious ability to draw seemingly sensible adults into enjoyment of the atmosphere they create at a most basic of levels. While my friend's son, Jamie, simply enjoyed all that went on around him the children attending his party, (ranging from ages one to five), had a ball in Jamie's garden - running around, throwing things and acting with just a little mischief.

The innocence of youth!

As the day drew on, those of us who prefer to think of ourselves as nearer childhood than any age of responsibility gradually found ourselves joining in with the children's fun and frolics and yet, as I watched this happy group of children play, I could not help feeling very contrasting mixed emotions of wanting desperately to be hopeful for their futures while looking at all they have to face in today's Britain with great concern.

My fear for Jamie, and his young friends, is that our Labour governments current social and economic policies will not afford them the happy eighteenth birthdays they will so richly deserve. So, if anything, today has made me even more determined to pursue my passion for politics and to ensure East Renfrewshire's children have the bright future I believe they are entitled to. Perhaps one day I will look back on today and conclude that it was for Jamie and his generation that the country called time on Labour and asked the Conservatives to map out a positive future from which they will prosper!

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