Sunday, 15 June 2008

The Politics Of Principle

So politicians who are prepared to put principle before personal advantage receive the overwhelming support of the British public!

Put into simple words on a piece of paper my instant reaction is to say "of course they do", however when David Davis first announced his intention to resign from the House of Commons to fight a by-election on the principle of 42-Day Detention Without Charge it appeared from media comment that they, and the public, would view this as a cynical stunt by a career politician.

Today's Mail on Sunday reports that 57% of people polled by ICM support David's decision to force a by-election on this issue, 59% agree with him that Britain has become a nation of snoopers and a staggering 69% believe he took this action based on principle.

I am personally delighted to see that the public are not as cynical as the media would have us believe and look forward to the public debate on this issue the by-election will now afford us.

The principles of politics are too often lost in Party orders and media scrums and I for one long for the day when all politicians put principles, and the people, first - for only then will we truly have government by the people and for the people!

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