Monday, 8 June 2009


What a great feeling.

Conservatives won East Renfrewshire at the European elections count last night, with Labour trailing in a despondent third. Not that any elected member of the Labour Party was there to see it preferring instead to stay at home and enter into a state of collective denial about the electorates desertion of their party as a result of their dismal failure to stand up for local people.

People are clearly realising that the only way to get rid of this tired and failing Labour Government at Westminster is to vote for David Cameron and his resurgent Conservative team. East Renfrewshire is crucial to achieving that aim and for the voters of East Renfrewshire to come out in such numbers and give the Conservatives their approval is a huge boost to the party.

Clearly the Conservative Party is the only party that can mount a realistic challenge to Labour. A vote for any other party may well allow Labour to win the seat by the back door. The SNP did well to come second and to deny Labour any comfort from the result of this election. Indeed, to find the last time Labour finished third in East Renfrewshire you have to go back to SDP days and 1987.

David Cameron has promised change at Westminster and is providing the leadership that Gordon Brown is so clearly unable to do. We need a General Election as soon as possible so that voters can have their say. We need a strong Government, not a divided one, to lead the country out of Labour’s recession.

Thank you for your support. My campaign team and I will continue to work hard to earn your trust and to ensure that East Renfrewshire becomes a Conservative seat again.

European Election Result for East Renfrewshire:
Conservative - 6872 (28.5%)
SNP - 5475 (22.70%)
Labour - 5000 (20.73%)
Lib Dem - 2136 (8.86%)
Green - 1565 (6.49%)
UKIP - 1201 (4.98%)
BNP - 441 (1.83%)
Christian - 404 (1.68%)
Socialist Labour - 301 (1.25%)
Duncan Robertson - 243 (1.01%)
Jury Team - 140 (0.58%)
No 2 EU - 131 (0.54%)
Scottish Socialist - 121 (0.50%)

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