Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Goldie Direct a hit in East Renfrewshire

Annabel Goldie MSP held a public meeting last night, at Giffnock Primary School, under the banner "Goldie Direct".

And "direct" she was!

No matter the question asked by members of the audience they got a straight and honest answer, sometimes even answers it was clear they were not going to be happy with. In doing so Annabel demonstrated to members of the public the sort of politics and politician our country needs at a time when our entire political establishment is in a state of complete and utter disarray.

Questions included how to restore faith in politics, what voting system ensures politicians are accountable to their electorate and on a more local theme are East Renfrewshire Council right to be increasing primary school class sizes. There was also questions on reform of the Children's Panel system and how would Conservatives get more police onto local streets to counteract increasing levels of youth disorder.

On every question Annabel was able to give clear and concise policy direction to everyone present and from the feedback received after the meeting finished it is clear people were convinced Annabel and the Conservative Party offer something new and refreshing to politics.

Bringing politics back to the grass routes through public meetings is undoubtedly a good way to engage with people otherwise dissolutioned with politics and something that must be encouraged to ensure our democracy prospers.

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