Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Time to get tough on CRIME!

Our justice system is out of control! Let me tell you why.

1) A man has just been sentenced to two weeks imprisonment for entering a drug dealers home, threatening the drug dealer (who has hooked one of his family members on heroin) and for taking the drug dealers heroin and flushing it down the toilet.

What an outrage! The gentleman in question admits to being no angel but if the police and procurator fiscal are unable to get drug dealers off our streets no one should be surprised if members of the community take matters into their own hands.

2) Sex beast John Cronin absconded from a probation hostel earlier this week and is now in the custody of West Midlands Police on suspicion of fraud. This man was sentenced to (and wait to you hear this) Life Imprisonment in 1992 for attacking a woman in her Edinburgh home, only to be released from prison in 1996. LIFE - someone is having a laugh at the expense on the safety of our public.

Since his release Mr. Cronin has been in custody in Sweden, Ireland and England for a string of offences and he remains a danger to the public wherever he goes. It was the Scottish justice system who let us down first when they released Cronin after just 4 years and it is surely time he was incarcerated for LIFE to protect people all over the world.

The PC Brigade will cry foul and point to the human rights of both the drug dealer and John Cronin. I say that as both have chosen to take NO responsibility for their actions they have no right to expect compassion from society given the threat they pose to us all. It's time to get tough on crime and that means stiffer sentences for those that are the causes of crime!

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AlastairM said...

And there's the police officer from Ayr (Daily Mail - 12.03.09) who was charged with assault because he cracked a couple of yobs heads together for throwing burning wood at firemen who were dealing with a blaze. He ended up in court, was fined £1500 and will likely lose his job.

I have no doubt the yobs will get a telling off and the next time they do the same thing, will be confident that none of the PC’s colleagues will intervene in case they end up in court and will just let them continue to throw burning wood at the firemen. Crazy, crazy, justice.

Scottish justice used to be one of the best in the world and it is now a laughing stock, thanks mainly to the "human rights" legislation which is being used more and more to benefit the yobs and criminals rather than to support the upholders of justice………and we are all paying the extraordinary cost of it!