Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Defending the Indefensible.

The one thing a sales career in the private sector teaches you is that you should never try to defend the indefensible!

At Prime Ministers Questions today, Gordon Brown set about defending his much heralded statement, "British Jobs for British Workers", without any hint of apology. Apparently it was only meant to refer to training British workers for jobs, not about actually ensuring there are jobs for them to fulfill at the end of their training. That wasn't what anyone thought this statement to Labour's Party Conference meant and it certainly wasn't what the way Labour's spin machine pitched it at the time.

I am becoming increasingly frustrated that Prime Ministers Questions does not actual include any Prime Minister Answers, unless this is to a placed question from Labour benches.

David Cameron was perfectly correct today to accuse Gordon Brown of two faced hypocrisy - lecturing international summits on the evils of protectionism while using slogans back home such as "British jobs for British workers", which simply pander to domestic protectionist fears.

The only real answer now is surely a General Election so that Britain can find some answers of its own that work for us, both at home and abroad.

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