Monday, 18 August 2008

All Work And No Play!

The Bank of Scotland's study of small businesses, released today, suggests that Scotland's small businesses work the longest hours in the UK and are preparing for the credit crunch by gearing up to work even harder! Not that this comes as any surprise to those of us in business.

All too often we forget just how hard our fellow Scots work and fail to recognise that the work ethic our upbringing instills in our workforce stands us in good stead for the challenges life throws up from time to time.

While our public sector workers form an essential part of our way of life it is our private sector who create the new wealth required to pay for investment into services and that ensures our country is able to maintain the highest standards of living.

So, today's figures should provide us all with a sense of comfort that the entrepreneurial spirit of Scotland lives on in our business community and that we will work our way through the toughest of times thanks to our nations spirit!

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